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Infrared heat is safe and healthy for all living things. Far from a new technology, infrared heat has been used in a variety of health and human movement applications for many years.

What Can Infrared Therapy Be Used For?

Infrared therapy can support your health with:

  • Muscle recovery: recover faster. Infrared helps deliver more oxygen to muscle cells for faster repair and pain relief.
  • Detoxification: it’s one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health.
  • Sleep: Improve your sleep. The time you spend in your sauna can help you get better rest by creating a routine that supports relaxation and a healthy circadian rhythm you want to enjoy.
  • Relaxation: Near-infrared LED technology increases collagen and elastin. Far infrared waves increase circulation, helping regenerate cells.

What is the experience like?

The first thing people notice is a stress-relieving relaxation of the muscles. Tension melts away and the deep penetrating warmth is very soothing on aches and pains. With regular use you feel the benefits of a deep, healthy sweat that purifies your body and improves circulation.

After the first session, people often notice clearer skin and a deep, restful sleep.

Infrared Sauna sessions:
45 minute Infrared Therapy Sauna: $45

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