Do You Have Lower Back Pain? We Can Help!


Do You Have Lower Back Pain? We Can Help!

31 Mar, 2021

Today, I want us to discuss with you lower back pain and how we might be able to help.

Low back pain is actually one of the most common things a chiropractor will see in his career. And it can come from a lot of different areas.

Often it can come from disc bulges and stress on the discs can come from nerve irritation or pressure.

It can even come from the misalignment of the spine, meaning to the pelvis or here as well. Muscles associated here and ligaments. There’s a lot of different areas it can come from. So, making sure we identify where it comes from is really important. We do that through a range of testing.

Sometimes if the back pain is bad enough, this can cause shooting pain into your hips, into your leg and can cause all sorts of weird and wonderful changes to the body as well. So I always find like really getting to that root cause is really important.

Now, my top two stretches for low back pain are a couple of yoga poses. I’m going to show you that. The first one is called Charles Pose and that’s just the way you also have on your knees and you stretch your arms up and really stretching through. You just take a deep breath in now, really stretching through.

From there you can go into what’s called a cover-up. And that’s where you really extending that back through here.

Now this one through here, you hold for about 20 to 30 seconds a little bit more. If you experienced increased pain, shooting pain on the leg please stop on that immediately and ask us better information about that one. But you should sometimes feel a little bit of discomfort through there.

I think stretches are really great. If it’s too much, sometimes just coming onto the elbows and just resting, there can be helpful too. N

ow if you’re doing those three stretches and exercises and you still not getting relief and it might be worth getting it checked by a qualified practitioner give us a call.

We’ll be happy to help. I hope this helps.