Bread Tags for a Cause


Bread Tags for a Cause

26 Mar, 2021

We’ve got some exciting news to start off our year.

As we love raising awareness and obviously funds for causes that we are passionate about.

We’ve got a new cause that we are supporting, which is very easy for you to participate in. So as of today, we are the collection point for our zebra tags for wheelchairs.

Very easy to participate in, all we need you to do is collect your Bread Tags such as from your loaves of bread. Pop them into a bag for us and then bring them into the office.

These Bread Tags have been otherwise sent to Adelaide, which they are recycled and the money that comes from recycling these bread tags goes towards providing wheelchairs for those in need in Africa.

We would really love if you could start collecting your Bread Tags for us and dropping them into the office when you have quite a few. To get those wheelchairs out to those who are in need of them in Africa.

They don’t have to be from bread. I’ve made a decent effort of collecting them of cross buns.

I’ve already eaten about a dozen hot cross buns and it’s only the 18th of January.

So, I’m looking forward to seeing all your bread tags come in, and thank you for supporting our new thing in the office.