4 things to consider when changing your eating habits


4 things to consider when changing your eating habits

28 Mar, 2017

Mai Duong, our Knox dietitian, shares her four tips to get you to your nutritional goals. 

1. Stop comparing yourself with others and get tailored advice for you

You are you, and there is no one youer than you! – Dr Zeuss

Your situation and body is unique and different from that of your neighbour, friend or relative, and especially that person on social media! You may experience the same nutrition-related challenges as them, yet the solution is likely to be very different. On a similar vein, not everything you read about in a magazine, at the chemist, see on television and heard from a friend is appropriate for you.

2. Be flexible and patient

Sustainable and real change takes time. In fact, it takes you two weeks to establish a new habit and at least 8 weeks to cement those habits. So yes, it is normal to want to quit in the first two weeks of starting a new eating habit. From experience, those with a flexible mindset are better equipped to make changes to improve their health. So be kind to yourself and learn to be flexible because not everything is black and white. Believe in yourself! Would you like someone to be accounted to? You can work with me at Knox Chiropractic and Wellness.

3. Work out ‘why’

Why do you want to change your eating habits? Do you want to feel better, more energised? Do you want to be healthier for your kids? Work this out because this will help motivate you when you experience slumps (see number 2). Not sure where to start? I can help you!

4. Break down your goal into smaller ‘mini’ goals

Once you have worked out your ‘why’, convert it into a goal and then break it up into ‘mini goals’ all with their own timeline. Tackle your big goal one small bite-sized chunk at a time. Did you know all goals can be achieved if you can break them down into simpler mini goals? Not sure how to go about this? I am experienced in guiding my patients set and achieve their nutrition goals.